Paris ~ Eiffel Tower


An overcast sky hovering above the Eiffel tower. Luckily, it cleared up when I was going up to the observatory level by the elevator.


A breath-taking view. Caught this moving tour-boat around the river by the Eiffel tower.


Amazing view of the great city.


Friend modelling for me to practice my photography skills. Perfect wall picture.


There are plenty of snack tents around the vicinity and in Eiffel tower. Best seller would be everyone’s favourite – Ice Cream!


Park for picnic and chill.


Have a good time chatting on the benches provided along the park.


Or take a short stroll along the walkways.

Everyone will encounter the Eiffel tower if you ever go to Paris. Its so famous you definitely have to see it for yourself. To some, its probably just tons of metal pieced together. Perhaps view it in another way, you will appreciate the clever constructing of this iconic tourist attraction. Admission is average priced. You get a choice of taking the elevator or walking up the stairs all the way to the first observatory level. Crowded as it is whatever time you go. Snap many pictures within your sight at 360degrees of the city in a round about. If you like to, pay more to proceed to the higher towers for a much more breath-taking view.

rated: ♥♥♥♥♥


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