Flowers for mothers’ day! Anyone?

Wishing all moms out there a Happy Mothers’ Day! May you live still as beautiful as ever and good health always.

Now, the point of this post is a little rant. I’m not one who buys flowers so its really something I’m taken back on so much that I would write up on this. Well it goes like this… I decided to buy a bouquet of flowers after work since its mothers’ day. So seeing the nearby markets sell flowers in the morning, I was so full of hope they may continue business on that day till sometime late. Which to my expectations they did. But whats so surprising is, the prices set in the morning and later that afternoon can be such a vast difference? A basic bouquet of rosies or carnations cost about $35 in the morning and lilies of course more expensive. When I return in the afternoon, prices were jacked up to at least a $50 and onwards.. Oh my! Nevertheless, I went ahead and pick a big bouquet of lilies (its big but thats just big in terms of wrapping rice paper). To my outmost surprise, that bouquet that consist of 3 lily flowers, some other small flowers and perhaps also 2-3 stalks of carnation will cost me $80.

I really was OVERWHELMED. hmm, yes it is that word. Never knew flowers are so expensive. Every once a year, I get the mood to go to a wholesale nursery and saw prices that were much amazingly reasonable. I treated that it was a special occasion and also may it be due to the nice wrapping skills. Still, I really wanted to get one bouquet so started finding hard among the others left in the refrigerators of the florist shop. Chance upon this bouquet left in a mini ‘flower pot’ thats really unique with purplish rosies unlike the usual red or pink.
Gave it to mom and she was so glad it had came with the ‘pot’ since she doesn’t know exactly where to put it too.
Very satisfied with my 2nd choice – comes with a price tag of $50

Location: Kovan


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