The Cornerstone

Location: Bishan park 2

Tasted on 1 May 2013, 7.30pm – 10.30pm

While everybody in this Bishan park neighbourhood do know where exactly Macdonald is and have eaten there, you should not overlook the restaurants that are worth trying out in this park. I came with a friend and we sat at the outdoors with great ambience. The architecture, greenery and music gives off a relaxing vibe.

On a glance of the menu, what attracted us was their speciality – Buffalo Wings, that was leveled 1 to 10 on spiciness and sold in portions of 6 or 12 pieces. (They even had a cut-out pasted on the bulletin board at the entrance showing this dish being featured on a newspaper. Although nowadays you can easily pay to get a featured interview but we believe the almost full house would mean the food here ain’t that bad.) After much consideration since both of us are not so courageous, we settled on getting a 6 piece plate at level 2 spiciness.

The cornerstone - Buffalo Wings level 2

♥♥♥ Buffalo Wings

Serving time was quick, only took about 5 minutes after ordering. It was my very first time trying this dish and the taste was to my liking, and perhaps most Singaporeans will love it too. The skin was fried crispy and the meat so tender (you know how dry the meat can be if fried for too long). Every piece of wing was well coated with the spicy yet slightly tangy sauce. The Buffalo wings are accompanied by sliced celery and carrot – both raw, you are supposed to dip these into the tartar-similar sauce and take a bite off the crunch to lessen on the spiciness burning on the tongue. Level 2 was a good choice for people like me who are first timers, its like a sampler for what’s instored for the next levels. Me and friend thought it wasnt that kabomb kind of spicy that we can’t take and agreed we should try level 4 … 6 … and so on next rounds (yes! we are coming again :) level 4 awaits us).

That was appetizer and we had ordered a main course each before that, all came before we could clear the plate and we kind of regret since we were already half full having 3 wings per person (always not learning the lesson of ordering only after each dish when going to a new place). I had the ♥Beer Battered Fish & Chips, a tinge of beer aroma could be tasted coating the fresh fish fillet but I felt the batter skin was a tad too salty for my taste buds. So I speared the batter skin away with my knife and ate only the fillet, leaving the untouched batter skin which baffled the staff who was near our table for a long time before deciding to ask if he can clear my plate away. The chips (French fries) were good and I ate every one of it, but I like the vinaigrette salad greens best. My friend had the ♥♥♥’Best Burger’, with the usual chips as side dish. I could smell the aroma and saw how juicy it was when the patty meat was cut. The burger bun was replaced with I guessed if correct – Panini bread instead. The beef patty was covered in cheese and layered between the slices of crisp lettuce and mere pieces of tomatoes (fan of tomato always appreciate more of it in the burgers!). I looked around and saw quite a number of customers ordering this too so it must be one of the all-time favourites in this restaurant.

Thou we were really VERY full, we couldn’t give up on eating desserts. We just love the Earl Grey Jivara!

The Cornerstone - Earl Grey JivaraThe Cornerstone - Earl Grey Jivara

♥♥♥♥♥Earl Grey Jivara

It’s basically 2 layers of chocolate sponge cake buried in the smooth velvety chocolate mousse (find surprises of malteses alike mini choco bits) covert in a light, fragrant – melt in the mouth Earl Grey tea flavoured soft chocolate coats. The portion is just right for sharing between 2-3 person, too much for one to handle alone. Wash down the taste of chocolate with the pairings of strawberry, cranberry, mulberry and strawberry icing flavoured marshmallow (it was heavenly soft and melts instantly in the mouth… just cannot forget that wonderful feeling). It was an amazing dessert I have had in awhile. It definitely left me feeling satisfied for the night.

Spent: $70.20 for 2 (inclusive of 10% service charge – would like to specially mention and applaud the serving crew here, are extremely well-mannered and thoughtful. My friend kept drinking water and it was promptly refilled on a quick frequency. Friend had 11 cups of water and that was served by 2 young chaps who was so patient and not minding to keep walking over to us helping with the refills. Most waiters would probably get annoyed and ignore us.)

I will come back again. But if there’s an order for the Buffalo wings, I would prefer to share a main course with friend. Mostly, it would be a good idea to share and grab a bite of each item ordered. Never to leave the desserts alone! Great ambience too.


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